Cyber Security

Protection of systems, networks, programs, devices and data from cyber attacks.

Simple, Efficient & Effective


Mail Filtering

When spam causes headaches for your organization, an email filtering service from Saxhuma helps easily eliminate spam and other unwanted email from your network and email gateway.

Saxhuma Secure Email Gateway not only protects your network from known risks and advanced threats, but provides an email filtering service minimizing spam disruption and better protect your organization.

Backups & Archiving

Effortlessly backup Office365, G Suite Gmail, Hosted Exchange, Open-Xhange, IMPA/POP and your website. If you are worried about compliance regulations, Saxhuma has you covered with email archiving, eDiscovery and GDPR responder. It even comes with Insights BI Intelligence so you can understand your business better.

Web Filtering

Web Security is a 100% cloud security service that provides the advanced protection required to secure web activity while minimizing cost and complexity. By inspecting content and file downloads using a dynamic proxy, this web filtering service can apply anti-virus, SSL inspection, URL categorization and static file analysis to block web threats and enforce acceptable web use.

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Managed AntiVirus

Get the level of protection that’s right for your business
Protect your company endpoints, business data and users with multilayered technology.
Saxhuma PROTECT platform offers customizable security solutions

-Security Management

-Endpoint Protection

-File Server Security

-Full Disk Encryption